VENI ACADEMY offers young people a unique and original educational possibility, one of its kind in V4 countries. The project VENI ACADEMY: 4×4 consists of 4 elements: workshops in V4 countries, music academy, a concert and the publication of a CD. During workshops the project will be introduced to students in V4 countries, encouraging them to participate. The music academy focuses on studying new compositions of young authors. The project concludes with a CD containing the new pieces from V4 countries.

VENI ACADEMY is a community of and for young musicians who like to play music which they rarely encounter in their schools. The way to perform this music is mediated through experienced members of VENI ensemble, who act as tutors of the students ensemble. In 5 years of its history more than 100 students from 6 countries were part of it. The ensemble played tens of concerts in unusual places as well as festivals such as Bažant Pohoda or ISCM World New Music Days. Its debut CD received the Radio_Head Award 2013 in the category “best album of the year in classical music”. The project of the student ensemble is exceptional primarily through its form – it connects in equal partnership on one stage professional and aspiring musicians, it seeks bold programmes and actively creates concert opportunities for young players.

OPEN REGISTRATION SITE – deadline for submissions is February 12th 2016.

OTVORIŤ STRÁNKU S REGISTRÁCIOU – termín pre zaslanie prihlášky je 12. február 2016.

The project have 4 phases:

1. The workshop tour of the tutors will take place in October/November 2015. Its aim is to introduce the project in the environment of colleges and high schools with an artistic programme. The creative workshops will be lead by ensemble tutors, giving the students the chance to get to know the newest trends in music interpretation. Another aim of the tour is to motivate the students to take part and networking.

12th october 2015, 11:00 – Brno – JAMU

26th october 2015, 15:00 – Wroclaw – Akademia Muzyczna im. Karola Lipińskiego we Wrocławiu

20th november, 14:00 – Bratislava – Pedagogická fakulta UK, Šoltésovej ul., 9:30 – 11:00

10th december, 13:00 – Budapest, Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music


2. A Call for scores will be organized in winter of 2015. Its goal is to promote the project between contemporary composers in V4 countries and encourage them to send in original compositions for the students to prepare and perform.

Read more about call for scores here!


3. The music academy is main part of project. During the academy in February 2016 the musicians will study new works and record them on CD. Composers will be invited to work with the students. At the final concert of the academy all the pieces will be performed.

6th march – 12th march 2016, Bratislava


4. A CD will be produced within 3 months after recording.

The project brings forward a strong line of cooperation between all partaking countries of the Visegrad region. The biggest group involved in the project are students from all V4 countries, either those directly active in the academy in February 2016, or those participating at the workshops in all four V4 countries in October 2015. The academy will potentially benefit from the presence and active cooperation of the composers representing each V4 country. The music of these authors will be captured on a CD used as promotional material, further spreading the importance of V4 as a network of collaborating partners. One of the important outputs of the project is a “V4 contemporary music showcase” concert with the presented compositions, performing students and tutors.

Stay tuned for more details!

VENI ACADEMY 4×4 partners:

International Society for Contemporary Music – Slovak Section, Slovak republic
Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Faculty of Music, Czech republic
Association of Local Creative Centres, Poland
Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Hungary

Project VENI ACADEMY 4×4 is supported by International Visegrad Fund.

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